Wildlife Rehabilitation Protein Network

What is WRPN?

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Protein Network (WRPN or Rippin’!) from Sulphur Springs Truck Patch is an easy way to help get insect protein to wildlife rehabilitation centers (send your mealworm gift here!) in the United States. Supporters purchase a one-time or monthly subscription of mealworms to be sent to their chosen rehabilitation center or one chosen by Sulphur Springs Truck Patch.


Benefits to the Wildlife Center

  • 100% FREE to the wildlife rehabilitation center
  • Regular flow of mealworms (plus more insect options soon!)
  • Sulphur Springs Truck Patch provides the rehabilitation center with personalized, ongoing materials to help engage potential supporters in your area and online. Over time, this will include online graphics, window stickers, pamphlets, etc.
  • Sulphur Springs Truck Patch takes care of all communication with supporters, including gratitude, refunds, etc.
  • Rehabilitation centers can communicate monthly mealworms needs as they change throughout the year so Sulphur Springs Truck Patch can more effectively plan shipments and create greater impact

How to become a Center

Easy! Starting now, sign up using the WRPN Center form. You will be able to tell us approximately how many mealworms your center needs on a given month so we can help encourage supporters to help meet that goal. We understand this changes throughout the year but it gives us a good starting point. Signing up as a center is free and very low maintenance. We take care of supporter management so you don’t need to!

How to become a Supporter

Bird with mealworm

Send a one-time shipment or start your subscription donation here. You will be able to choose what WRPN recipient you’d like to support with your purchase of 250, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 mealworms. If you prefer not to choose a center or when your chosen center has the quantity of mealworms they need on any given month, we will choose one for you based on the needs of the centers in the network. Cancel or change your amount at any time. Questions? Feel free to write or call.

Be sure to share this page and also download these PDFs about the network!