Our Mission Statement

To grow environmentally friendly tiny proteins, blooms, herbs and seasonal veggies that connect people to community, bring joy and build innovative solutions.

Sulphur Springs Truck Patch is a family run business located a bit outside Dardanelle, Arkansas on what is rightfully Osage (ancestral hunting) land.

(50% of any donations to SSTP goes to Osage language immersion school Daposka Ahnkodapi Elementary. Donate here.). 

We specialize in mealworms, cut flowers, seasonal veggies, herbal seedlings, duck and chicken eggs, and more. Why those things? Because we're a truck patch and they fit well in the back of a truck. We learned this term from Meredith's grandpa (standing on the left) who grew a truck patch on the very same piece of land that we do now. We grow and craft what we can get in the truck and take to the market. 

Click on over and see what we have on hand this month! Want to order something we often sell at the farmers market? Let us know so we can look into being able to sell it online! In the meantime, swing back by regularly to see what we have in the (virtual) truck or visit at the Dardanelle Farmers Market every Saturday morning!

Contact us by using the form below and we'll get right back to you.