Pricing Changes Announcement (Please Read!)

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We've been growing mealworms for a while now. But in our own way, it's fledgling season for our business, too. 

You may notice a few minor changes to our prices. Why, you ask? Because birds are important. 

As a very young company, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve the experience of our existing customers. And we're also ways trying to find additional customers! 

We love working with wildlife rehabilitation centers. We have a few regular wildlife rehab customers right now and it makes us so happy to get to support their work. We believe in their missions and recognize them to be essential organizations in our world. Their demand for mealworms is always high but this time of year it's especially steep because it's fledgling season for wild birds! 

We've been growing mealworms for a while now. But in our own way, it's fledgling season for our business, too. We're a new company—and we're still jumping out of the nest when it comes to the finer details of shipping. 

Let's get to the point:

Wildlife rehabilitation centers tend to order thousands of mealworms at a time.  Sadly the price of shipping so many mealworms can be prohibitive to centers on tight budgets. It can also be too costly for us. 

After many conversations with our customer base, we know there has to be a solution for all involved. To be able to help more wildlife centers—and to avoid operating at a loss—we have decided to change how we price our mealworms.

After closely examining our range of "typical" orders thus far, we are doing two things starting late Thursday, July 21st:

  1. Eliminating shipping costs on orders of 1000 or more mealworms, plus increased pricing
  2. Slightly increasing prices at variable rates for different quantities to offset the shipping costs

How it all breaks down:

For our customers who purchase smaller amounts such as 250 and 500 mealworms, this will mean a slightly higher cost over all (about one to two dollars more before tax). For bulk customers the increase is higher because we will now start charging a rate that doesn't undercut our stability.

Current subscription customers will not experience these changes unless they end and then renew their subscriptions. Please contact us if anything changes unexpectedly, though!

Why Should We Tell You all This?!?!

Many people would discourage us from being so transparent about our decision making, but we didn't open a small business to follow any predictable rules. We want to sell you mealworms. We want to see wildlife rehab organizations thrive. And we're super into paying our bills and buying groceries and stuff. In short, we know with communication we can find a way. So we're trying this!

We can't guarantee this will be the only price adjustments we make in the coming years but we can guarantee that we will always try to be as transparent and fair as you'd want us to be. 

Please take every opportunity you can to tell us how you feel and let us know what is best for your needs! We want to be a benefit to our customers and community in every way possible. 

Feel free to comment below with any questions, ideas or constructive criticisms or send us an email.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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