• Joy Flowers: Our First Year with the Donkey Approved Flower Club

    Above: A mountain of bouquets ready for their Flower Club members early Saturday morning at the Dardanelle Farmers Market. Every Saturday morning ...
  • Pricing Changes Announcement (Please Read!)

    We've been growing mealworms for a while now. But in our own way, it's fledgling season for our business, too.  You may notice a few minor chan...
  • Long Haul Thinking

    Tree planting is often used as a generic symbol for some kind of new and prosperous beginning. That’s fine and all, but tree selection is a careful affair. After all, a garden lasts a season and then dies back. Each year you can choose to make adjustments and changes to the garden. But a tree? Once it’s in the ground it’s there until long after you’re dead unless you cut it. And those roots are going to go way beyond the base of that tree — maybe even into your plumbing. In other words, sure, planting a tree is a nice new beginning. But mostly it’s an exercise in choosing wisely.

  • Food Insecurity and Worms, or "Why I'm Awesome:" A Mealworms Thoughts on Existence.

    How it all started with the idea of growing protein under my desk.
  • Bird Lady Drin Features SSTP Mealworms!

    Around here we love Bird Lady Drin (you should follow her on Instagram) and so we are crazy excited that she featured our happy mealworms today! Take a look!
  • Save money on mealworms with First Class shipping!

    New shipping options! When checking out, most mealworm orders will have a less expensive First Class option available. First Class is still tracke...
  • Snow Day Mealworm Treat

    Arkansas had quite the ice storm this week. We decided to treat our hens to some tasty mealworms this afternoon. We'd love to send you some for you...
  • Dirt Farming: All You've Ever Wanted to Know About Our Rabbit Poop Sitation

    Rabbit poop is an excellent, natural fertilizer than, unlike chicken poop, can be applied directly to the garden. We let the rabbits do the work and mix it with leaves and straw and use it all season long to grow beautiful blooms. 
  • Things I Dig Up: Part 1 of 89,765,409

    Growing food and flowers on family land is an ongoing archeological dig.  A few weeks ago I was planting tulip bulbs when I unearthed an old fenc...
  • Delivery area updates, newsletter, and Mealie Miles!

    via GIPHY Three cool things and them I'm going to bed, ya'll. We now hand deliver to the 72833 zip code!* That's basically Danville, Arkansas. So...
  • 2021 Summer Mealworm Ordering Options

    We could tell you about our 2021 summer mealworm ordering options, or we could show you about our 2021 summer mealworm ordering options.
  • Muggy Days deserve a weekend discount

    Boy it's muggy out there! Towel off with a cool little discount on one-time mealworm purchases. Through the weekend order any quantity of mealworms...